Holidays (especially the really corporate ones) make my job of coming up with new blog post ideas real easy. Here are a few sites to check out and share to get in the Halloween Spirit. I can hardly believe that  none of these were around ten years ago and I still had a fufilling childhood. Thank you social media for giving me the opportunity to revert back to my elementary school days.

Thanks to JibJab I am now able to post my co-workers faces on ridiculous animations and send them around the whole office- and now you can too! Here’s one video, and check out this link for more than you’ll know what to do with.

If you create an account using your Facebook information, you’ll also automatically receive reminders of your friends’ birthdays so you can send a virtual greeting card their way.

You might also enjoy making yourself a zombie using this quick and easy-to-use application.

And finally, one of the Facebook apps my friends have been into lately. If you were too lazy to go to the pumpkin patch, you can still get your pumpkin carving fix with this Halloween Builder app. Enjoy!




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