Tricks That Give Your Videos Sparkle!

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In this video I highlight 4 simple things you can do to help make your videos sparkle!

The "Cliff Notes":

1. Music. GollyOhMyGoodness! If you add nothing else, add music. A little music will take you from *crickets chirping* to *Star Wars Battle scene* in one bat of the eye lashes. But be careful... I suggest using royalty-free music. I have a Mac and utilize my iLife library. I also use Incompetech. There are many other royalty-free sites out there too. The best way to not get a video booted off YouTube is to use royalty-free music.

2. Text. Whether for comedic punch (my angle) or to make a solid point or to tug at hearts strings… a little text will go a long way. I find it also helps keep video shorter. What you can't say or forget to capture in in a vlog, you can add in!

3. Cutting/Editing. This is coming from the Queen of The Long-Winded, but… not only does aggressive editing help keep the video short (thus holding a viewer's attention for full play-time) but it also adds personality and a bit of edginess. When I first starting utilizing my skills in cutting, the feedback I heard the most was regarding how they LIKED unique feel of the cut clip.

4. Transitions. Sometimes the cuts just don't *feeeeeel* right. The transition is a great way to add a different edge, or more likely, softness. Be careful not to over-transition, but keep in mind the power and influence of the well-placed transition!

This is part 2 of a series! Part 1 can be seen here. Join me in the coming weeks as I tackle some of the "hows" of getting these sparkly tricks into our videos!

Jenny Ingram writes at Jenny On The Spot and wears glitter everyday. She also digresses over there on the Twitter @jennyonthespot.


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