Trimesters, why I am thinking about you?

Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe that I am still on bedrest(grrr) and that soon there will be a little mixture of  my husband and I here. This time on my trusty couch has given lots of time to ponder on trimesters past. More specifically, I keep thinking about the first trimester. I have to say it was the easiest. No morning sickness, just constant cravings of Chipotle followed by horrible bouts of insomnia. I'm talking wide awake all night, wanting to clean everything, and not wanting to wake my husband.

I have heard the horrors of the first trimester from other mom's. Mom's who still remember their whole pregnancy 20 years later and were telling me that my pregnancy would be like theirs. I do not think so. I was told about the vomiting and the smells will make you sick factors. I was told about the boobs hurting and the weird stuff. Yeah, ok, I had painful girls, but not much of anything else. I never puked,never wanted weird food,and never had massive mood swings. All of this is what other mom's talked endlessly about and most didn't believe me when I told them I did not have any of that.

I was told about lysteria issues from sandwich meats by my doctor and avoided them until later. When I just stopped being paranoid about eating a sub from Firehouse subs in my second trimester. I talked to some girls about my drool worthy Italian sub and was basically made to feel like the worst pregnant woman in the world for eating it. This was told to me by another pregnant girl, who was less pregnant than I was.Started to grill me over lysteria and other harmful things from eating things like queso dip. I just basically said my doctor said it was fine and I wasn't going to go through my pregnancy in fear. I actually asked my ob about this and she looked at me like I had three heads and said "Eat the sandwich,your fine". Needless to say I started to avoid that girl.

 I figured I was a late morning sickness bloomer and realized in the hospital that I skipped that part entirely. The one thing I did have was a weird adversion to chicken. I couldn't stand the smell of cooking chicken, the texture of raw chicken, and the look of it. We ate beef and steaks a lot, I just couldn't cook chicken. Made me sad but it made my husband over joyed. My cravings changed also from spicey to I want chocolate and I want it NOW! I aslo had bad acid indigestion, which was made worse due to having acid reflux before pregnancy. How joyous!

So my question is ladies, what was your first trimester and second trimester like? What cravings did you have, what weird advice were you given, and anything else fun?

This is for fun!

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