Trina Finton

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If you ask Trina, she was born a geek girl at heart. Starting with the Atari 2600, Trina was quickly hooked. By eight she was programming games in Basic and starting her collection of comic books. Trina created a female-based guild for Phantasy Star Online. This started the idea of what a place on the web for women gamers would look like. was born in 2003 as a video game cosplay site and transformed in 2006 to an online gaming community. Today is more than just gaming. With the help of her team, Trina has created a community where women the love all things geek can speak freely about their hobby.

Trina has appeared on panels and been interviewed about her strong opinions about women in gaming and technology fields. If she’s not working on, she might be cheering on the Vikings, playing videogames or reading Twitter. Find her on Xbox Live with Gamertag, GamingAngel or on Twitter as GamingAngel.

Most recently, Trina has been voted Fast Company’s Top Women in Games in 2010, featured on NBC LA twice as an expert in Women in Gaming, and is launching the first Women’s Media Network focused on geeky subjects. We also gave away our first scholarship for a young girl to attend National Computer Camp.