The Triple Shot Espresso, Tax RE-assesment Day!

Remember when I told you I was thankful for tax day?  Well…..I may not be quite as thankful now.

We’ve been regularly checking to see when our refund would be deposited to our bank account.  Usually it doesn’t take quite so long and we were beginning to wonder.  Then, the thin brown envelope showed up in our mailbox this morning.  Not the electronic deposit we were hoping for!  Turns out the way the tax forms are worded (and the way all the tax programs function), we were double claiming a part of our housing expenses.  And not only did we do it for this year (which the government has brought into question), but we inadvertently also did it for last year (which we figured we should probably tell them before they found out 10 years from now and charged us enormous interest!)  *Sigh!*  Oh well, my brain hurts, and it’s not even 11 AM, but at least we are now squared away with the correct numbers.  At least I know I’ll avoid this issue in the future as they said they’ll figure out where the extra number should go and let me know for future years.

What are your tax nightmares?  Do you just run and hide at tax season, or pay the big bucks for an accountant to be held accountable?

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