Tripped up

Call me crazy, but I can’t decide if I am excited or not. In the near future, I will have to jet off to a Caribbean island for a couple of days for work.  It sounds horrible, right? 

Don’t roll your eyes.   Really, please don’t.

I know, you are probably saying, “if you don’t want to go, I will.”  It is not that I don’t want to go.  Actually, it is far from it. I am very happy to be making this trip.  I don’t travel for business too often, so, the times I do are a real treat.  I always have a great time, and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I return. However, I think my mix of emotions relates to the fact that I usually end up going to places I have never been to before, like this time.  I think that I get a little melancholy knowing that I am going to be visiting a place that I have always wanted to see, and instead of enjoying the local sights, I will spend my time in a conference room or a convention hall.

My last business trip took me to Napa, California.  Being the major wine lovers that my husband, Marc, and I are, we always wanted to visit Napa, but never got around to going.  When I first found out I had to head west, I was thrilled.  Finally, I was going to see Napa!  My excitement was short lived.  I soon became a bit sad when I realized I was going to be discovering a place that Marc and I discussed visiting for years, without him. 

It ends up that although I had a great trip, all I discovered were conference rooms, so he didn’t miss out on anything.  When we return to Napa (hopefully that will be one day soon) we can discover it all together.  I guess that is how this trip will be too…..

And while I may not fully be excited now, I know as soon as I reach the airport and see my traveling companion colleague that will all change.  Reality will hit me, before I even board our outgoing plane, and my enthusiasm will peak.  I will excitedly think about the job I have to do and the new country I am about to see.  And, if I am lucky, I can find a few minutes to enjoy the ninety degree weather.

Do you ever travel for work?  Do you feel like me?  Or do you totally just love it or hate it? 

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