Tropical Love Creamy Smoothie

Kinda sounds like a band name, huh?  I had a few items around the house, in the fridge and freezer that I put all together for a light dinner.  I sometimes like to drink my dinner when I've had a large lunch.  But who says you have to save this for dinner?  Loaded with protein and fiber, you can start your day with it too.  Oh heck it's great for lunch too! 

Last night I went to the Bruno Mars concert in San Jose.  Wow what a show!  Bruno is quite the entertainer and performer!  Bravo Bruno!  In any event, many adult rum beverages were had (really only 3, but that was really only a drink an hour) and today I had a Carnival Fare Friday where I enjoyed a lunch of carnival fare inspired food at Straw here in San Francisco.  I ate way too much and not long after a sturdy breakfast (I did drink rum last night), so that meant a smoothie dinner from what I could find in my pantry, fridge and freezer.  Delicious!  Hit the spot and was quite a "Treasure."

Tropical Love Creamy

Make 1 16 oz thick smoothie

1 half avocado

1 banana cut into 1/2 " pieces

6 segments frozen peaches

1/4 cup frozen pineapple bits

1 tblsp flax seeds

8 oz orange juice (I like Trop 50 because it has much less sugar or you can squeeze your own) 

6 oz plain Greek yogurt


Add all items into blender and puree until smooth.  Best to put in fruits first then avocado, then juice and then yogurt and flax seeds.  I find it processes smoother.

P.S.  You could use some coconut water if you don't want to use so much orange juice.  However, I don't add honey or any sugar.


Pauline "Olive"

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