The Trouble With Eye Cream

Our house is old.

We bought it before marriage, before children, before we had any idea what we would be doing with the next eight years of our lives.  We painted the pink, yellow and green walls cream and tan.  We covered our crumbling stucco exterior with insulation and siding.  We replaced the windows, re-reoofed, re-landscaped, built decks, upgraded the basement, built a fence and a garden box, and repaired six hundred thousand other little things.

Having always lived in old houses, I thought I knew what I was getting into.  I thought I would be totally cool with a decade or so of wallet sucking, stress inducing, constant renovation.

Isn't that your idea of a good time?

And really, at that point in our lives we were only actually in the house to eat and sleep.  The actual living part was done at work, at the gym, on the bike trails.  It is so much easier to ignore the chipped corners and the pitted lino when you only ever see them between bites of take-out while typing one-handed and proofing ad copy.

Eight years later, I have two kids of my own, four extra kids most days, five potties, two playrooms, one fully equipped outdoor play area, and the most-used kitchen in the frickin' Western hemisphere.  I see the chipped paint, scarred lino, marred doors, aging plaster, struggling heating system, eroding cupboards, and pocked hardwood every day.

As an added bonus, because I run a business out of my home, fixing those things is both incredibly urgent and impossible to schedule.  Unless, of course, a tub of eye cream goes down the toilet and blocks ALL of our upstairs drains.

The plumber will be here soon.

So, today?  After a weekend of everything going wrong.  Of Shelton's two-year molars and Danica's five-year molars turning my children into the least benevolent Looney Tunes characters.  Of being wakened by a telemarketer at 8am on Saturday-frickin'-morning.  Of Costco, and MEC, and too much shopping, and not enough time, and four hours of Halloween Week prep, and not enough sleep, and running, and swimming lessons, and yard work, and laundry, and just TOO MUCH!

I'm done.  If wrecking companies had retail operations offering emergency services to homeowners, I would not be typing this right now.  I would be standing outside chatting with my neighbours and watching that big ball swing.

It's snowing.  The ground is white and beautiful and the sky is soft and grey.

Let's go play outside.

(This entry is cross-posted at The Valentine 4.)


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