Troublemaker, Part II

Maybe it's a bit early for a sequel to my last post, but after bemoaning the trials and tribulations of parenthood, I wanted to share my evening with Aedan tonight.

After picking him up from school and having much discussion about what constitutes a "big voice" and what doesn't (whining), we decided to have an easy evening of pizza and television - I know, excellent parenting. Except when your kid is on the verge of getting sick (if not already), and all you want him to do is rest, "Harold and the Purple Crayon" makes an excellent (and at least somewhat educationally entertaining) sedative. Before we settled down in our living room, Aedan made a couple trips outside to get "water for the bunnies" - this in spite of Sean's ongoing hunting for wabbits with his pellet gun after Aedan's asleep (okay, to be fair, it's been awhile since Sean has hit any rabbits, but I still find it entertaining that his son is out courting them).

When we went to sit down, Aedan very sweetly asked if he could sit with me...and then sat still for 30 minutes in my lap. This might be a new world record.

After dinner and one more episode of Harold, we made our way upstairs, got ready for bed very easily, and Aedan "read" Sean and I a story - mostly consisting of baby "fl-ingos" (Aedan-speak for "flamingos") and some very goofy laughter. He then proceeded to tell us a story about a monster and a little boy and his daddy - complete with voices. I don't know if this is a normal 3-year-old thing to do, but at least for tonight, I'm going to be amazed at this - a 3-year-old who tells stories from different perspectives.

After more giggling and "fl-ingo!s", he cuddled with me for a few minutes, gave me two kisses, two hugs, and on his way out of the room called back over Sean's shoulder, "Thank you, Mommy! I love you!"

Oh yeah. This is why we do this.


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