True colors

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi claimed Mitt Romney wanted to be booed when speaking to the NAACP about repealing Obamacare. She implied Romney sought the boos as a way to unify conservatives.

News flash, Nancy: We’re already unified. And, it didn’t take a “staged” booing to get us there.

Enter Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, my own Congressman from Missouri. Cleaver said the boos were “predictable when you start saying I'm going to eliminate something that the African American community has embraced in numbers larger than any other component of the American society." Cleaver went on to say, “He should never have gone there in the first place.”

Wait a minute, Congressman.

So, Romney should simply skirt an issue because it’s not popular among NAACP members?

On the contrary, I actually find it refreshing for a presidential candidate not to adjust his platform to the whims of an audience.

Isn’t that what America is craving?

I agree with Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, a lifetime NAACP member, who said, “I applaud his efforts for not shying away from an audience that may not vote for him....When people get to know Gov. Romney, they will appreciate his candor."

It may not be convenient. It may not be popular. But, I WANT a straight-shooter in the hot seat. This country has enough political chameleons in office.

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