True Guts lead to Glory

Sincere Athletes in my opinion are not always the first to cross the finish line, or the highest scorers in a single game.  An Athlete is an individual who respects their body, its abilities and potential.  Also, they are someone who listens to their coach, is appreciative of their support system, and gives every task they set to complete everything they have physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Athletes are role models, and enjoy being role models.  They encourage teaching others what they know and learning from everyone they meet.  The most genuine athlete I know of is a Triathlete named Hillary Biscay.  She is not ranked #1 in the world, but she works hard every day putting her body through such rigorous tasks that it would make your fingernails hurt just reading about them.  Still, she talks about her daily routine with utter glee, and true appreciation for her profession as an athlete.  She has competed in 31 Ironman Triathlons, and just won her first race this last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.  I am so pleased that she won, not because of the prize money she has earned, or bells and whistles that will follow her now, but that she appreciates her accomplishment, and will keep her day job of punishing her body, and inspiring the rest of us.

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