A true Moxy-oron if there ever was one!

A Scottish friend from years past avidly followed the latest and greatest of, as well as up and coming britpop and indie rock bands (to be diluted into the "alternative" rock category on our shores) well before they eventually started making ripples then waves in the USA, introduced me to music by Coldplay, Stereophonics (right when the UK released Just Enough Education To Perform), Doves, Elbow, Starsailor, and Travis.

He also had an endearing affection for all things Scottish and British that went beyond the hearing senses, and had instant answers with regards to "everything British". Although he lost his credibility a bit when he pandered his favorite import soda, Irn Bru (Iron Brew), it was the worst dyed orange diluted bubbly water I ever had, that made Fanta Orange and Green Spot taste like fresh organic juice.

Not surprisingly he recommended The English Rose San Carlos for the Peninsula Afternoon Tea experience.

It has been over 2 years since I last ate here, and despite whispers and gossips of rumored ownership change, I've had many great experiences here. On weekends you need to come here near opening time, otherwise you will suffer a long wait. If I read correctly, TER closes around 3 pm on weekdays, and 2 pm on sunday, just in time for the afternoon! So perhaps it's really mid morning brunch tea.
A true Moxy-oron if there ever was one!

I don't recall much of the tea selection, but the standard leaf/blend was already fantastic. Just add milk and sugar and stir. Ask for hot water refills of your pot of tea.

We came here with grandma one time, who already was struggling with applying enough pressure with her false teeth to eat anywhere on typical days, and was a very picky eater. Luckily she enjoyed her British style mini hot dish very much. My dish was not bangers n mash (sausage an potatoes) but it did have potatoes, meat and some sort of curry flavor that was not strong but relaxing and pleasing.

It's important to enjoy "afternoon" or "whatever time of day" tea with great company. Especially grandma who has continued to harass my older single brother every telephone conversation she gets.

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