True to my word

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Following my last two rather lengthy posts, I decided to be kind and force you to admire my offspring regale you with some recent pictures of my adorable children. As there are some family and friends far away who read this blog to keep up with our adventures, I realize that a) I should do this more often and b) I really need to start taking more pictures.

Another resolution for this summer! In the meantime, here are a few recent pictures. There are fewer of Intense simply because he is at school during the day.

More's 3rd birthday was in January.

My Gentle Giant is at that delightful stage where he experiments with his food. Especially fun was when he shoved a piece of salmon filet up his nose the other week. Salmon is flaky, and doesn't come out all that easily. Enough said.


I believe this was on Easter. Even though Gentle Giant is not looking at the camera, I find his expression adorable. Could be Mommy bias. Just a little bit, though.

We've upgraded our baby for one of those new models- you know, the kind that walks? It's very exciting. From left to right, 2 year old Gentle Giant, our 1 year old baby, 3 year old More, and 4 year old Intense.

Hope all my US readers had a lovely long weekend!


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