True power, neither magical or mystical, just ordinary human strength!

I know that when I talk about power or having powers it might seem that I am speaking to magical or mystical power, no I mean the power from within.  We all have this strong power; a force that is deep within our being just there for us to draw such extraordinary strength when needed.


Pure human strength seems mystically, magical when you hear stories that are totally illogical, unbelievable, miraculous feats of heroism by ordinary people. Or when someone is facing a situation with no hope that they just don't accept or acknowledge, surviving against seemingly poor odds.   That's what I mean by true power that we all have within us just waiting to be needed or tapped.  Yes fear sometimes paralyzes us negating all that inter strength, robbing us of our power.  We need to be aware of fear's nasty ways to stop steal our power before it even surfaces.  I talk often about words that I dislike in English language, my number 1 is try.  Try is fear's helper in preventing the release of our power.  When you say I'll try, you are setting yourself up for failure. Trying is not getting it done!  A true powerful statement is to substitute for I'll try, I will!  I will is pure power, nothing can stop you when you say I will.  You make a commitment to not only you but to anyone that you utter the pure power phase. I will!  You put it out there for all hear. The next time you want to get use your power to make it happen instead of saying I'll try, shout out I will!  And see the difference it makes.  When I feel that I'm being wish-washy about a situation that I want to control; I just below I will .....  whatever I want to do! Yes I have doubts, like all of us, instead of caving into my doubts,  I just say I will,  not I'll try pushing those nasty doubts aside.


When I face everything straight on, not side stepping or running away, I have power, invincible power, incredible power to accomplish all.  I am unstoppable!


So they next time you are faced with a situation you want to change, meekly saying I'll  try won't cut it this time.  Instead confidently say I will! I will not let anything or anyone stop me from reaching my goal, from being the best that I can, from living the life that I want.  You get the idea.


Live the life you want!


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