truffled cauliflower + caramelized onion tart

Allow me to introduce to you to the best tart I've ever made.


{Or eaten}

Truth be told, this is the first tart I've ever made - and what a delicious introduction it was.

Now when you think of a tart, you might first think of those fabulous little confections fruit of fruit and custard that frequent the counter of your favorite pâtisserie or bakery; but here - we're talking savory tarts. I made this particular one for a couple of extra-special girlfriends who were down visiting me from NYC last month. I had some mascarpone and store-bought pie crust in the fridge that I needed to use, and after carefully scouring the web for the perfect recipe, I found this tart.

And it was just that - perfect. From the roasted cauliflower drizzled in truffle oil, to not one - but three fabulous cheeses {mascarpone - which is an Italian cream cheese, Gruyère - one of my favorite cheeses ever, and Parmesan}, to those perfectly sweet + slow-cooked caramelized I need to say anything more?


On the side, I served Ina's green salad and creamy vinaigrette. This is my favorite go-to salad to serve alongside a more complex main dish. The dressing is light and creamy, and coats the greens so beautifully. The champagne vinegar does give it some bite, which I love - but be careful because there are raw egg yolks in it, so if that freaks you out, you may want to go with something else. If, however, you're anything like me - and you tend to eat high quantities of any type of cookie/cake/brownie batter - you shouldn't be too worried about it, right?

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