A Truly Intimate Valentine

Calling all husbands and wives! Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day that you may not have considered. However, this gift won't add to your credit card debt or deplete your checking account. And you'll feel so cherished when you give it to each other, you might wind up spending the day in bed - together.

Unlike flowers, jewelry, sexy lingerie, chocolates or other goodies we've been told equate with love, this gift won’t cost you any money . And the reward?A whole new level of intimacy in your marriage, far beyond your wildest expectations.

What is this magic gift that promises to do so much? It's called financial intimacy. How do you give this gift? Technically, it’s not so much a gift as a restoration of marital rights. When you’re a married couple, each of you has the right to know what’s going on financially in the marriage. You’re a legal partnership and partners share financial information.

A financial intimacy valentine will show your wife that she is an equal partner in your marriage. This gift is exceptionally welcomed by wives whose husbands control the marital finances and don’t want their wife messing around in them.

So here’s my idea. Buy your beloved the chocolates, flowers and an inexpensive bauble that won’t stretch your joint budget . When you say “I love you’, I think you should prove it. Open the financial records and bare all.  If you're the husband reading this, tell your wife that you want her to know everything that’s going on financially in your marriage in case something happens to you. Tell her you love her so much that you don’t want her to be in a financial mess if she has to cope on her own. 

That’s love. That says you’re a team. That’s financial intimacy. In my book, it beats jewelry bought on credit cards that she’ll be paying off with you long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Ladies, share this idea with your husband. You know how guys hate to go shopping . http://www.financialintimacy.com


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