To Trust or Not to Trust.. What to do if you have been Cheated on!!!

     So most of you may have been in the situation of having your husband or significant other cheat on you. But what about the other party involved, especially if they caught feelings. What if the female just completely went crazy? What should you do, who should you trust? I know exactly how it is, I know the feelings that run through your head. But here is what you should do. First try to stay calm, I know its hard but in the end you'll be glad you did. Second, ask every question you feel you should ask. Get all of your answers, after all you do have the right to know what you want. The "cheater" in this situation should be staying calm and patient while answering your questions. If this person doesn't stay calm and seems to be upset or have an attitude then they probably don't feel guilty or bad about it and will do it again. After you say what you need to say and ask the questions you need to ask. Take some time to yourself. Write a letter to yourself, your significant other and the third party. You don't have to show your letters to the significant other unless you wish to do so. While you write your letters think about what you want out of the relationship with your significant other. If you feel like you are still going to be hurting or feel as if you need or should do same thing to them then let it go. Because you need not to stay in a relationship where there will be no trust on both sides, both sides are doing wrong, or one side is constantly hurting. But if you do find it in your heart to forgive this person then do exactly that. At first you will most likely hate this person for hurting you. You trusted this person to do no wrong but they did. A lot of times we will blame ourselves. That's normal too! But listen to them when they talk to you. Give them the chance to explain to you why they did what they did. Make sure the affair is over!!! And always, always trust your female intuitions!! They will never let you down! If you feel something isn't right then there is a reason why! My situation is the reason why I'm writing this and my situation is probably the most unique one anyone has ever heard when it comes to affairs. And I forgave my husband but there is so much more to it! But thats for another day!! Enjoy your day and I hope I helped!!


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