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“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be made know to God.” Phil 4:6


Today is a reflective day.  Had a conversation with my teen daughter last night about something she is walking through.  She is trying to find out what purpose God has for her in a trial that she is going through, “what could He possibly be trying to teach me or show me in my life?”

How do you answer that when even as an adult I struggle to find that answer for my own life? 


Our goal as her parents over the last few days has been to reassure her, help her to keep things in proper perspective and yet, allow her the freedom to question her faith and ask tough questions that we really don’t have answers for.

While her questions are valid and she realizes that we don’t have answers, she has been amazingly calm and at peace while she struggles for the answers.  As a parent, it has been remarkable to watch her spiritual growth playing out.


So many times as a parent you want to fix things, make the path easier, and even try to help your child avoid hurts and sorrows.  We can’t always do that.  There are going to be times when the outcome may not be what you had hoped, or it may be different than you had expected then what?  While my daughter is displaying a very mature spiritual side as she walks through this battle, I realize there may be a time coming when the “little girl” in her is not going to feel that strong, maybe not in this battle, but the next, or the one after that.  While there is that side of her that wants to be strong in her faith, there may be that human little girl that is going to ask the question, “why me, or why this?”  How will we help her then?

Regardless of the outcome of her present situation, the answers for both her individually and for us as her parents will come as we need them.  They will come as we reflect on our faith and lean on our belief that God really does have a plan and a purpose, even if we cannot see that plan plainly in front of us at the moment.  We rest on the assurance that He has her name written on the palm of His hand and He knows the number of hairs on her head.  He knows her even better than we as her parents know her and He sees her heart and knows her desires, fears and dreams.  While He will give us the wisdom we need to guide her, it is He who will walk her through not only this battle, but the ones that lay before her.


Right now, for her, she is learning the meaning found in I Peter 5:7, "Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."   Today, she is deepening her faith as she learns to trust in the One who cares for her. 



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