Trusting your intuition

It seems odd that I, of all people, would have to be discussing the importance of trusting your intuition. I come from a long line of highly intuitive women. It should be something I respect by now but apparently I may come from intuitive stock but I can't always claim to trust and honor it.

Some time back I had a really strong intuition that an opportunity that was coming my way was not the right path to take. For reason that were part practical, part supportive and part investigative I chose to ignore the feeling in the pit of my stomach and went for it. It was a professional decision that I regret in some ways but in others it served as a wonderful lesson. Characteristic of most lessons, it confirmed what I already know but failed to take seriously.

In conjunction with all the bells going off loudly, came the first day I stepped into my role. There in front of me was the same desk I had seen fourteen years earlier in a whole other setting, the same lack of preparedness for my arrival and the inevitable laxidasical attitude. Instead of being able to do my job, I first had to tackle that lack of items necessary to start. It was a flashback that I didn't enjoy but I weighed in thinking "All these years later I'm sure I can make this work."

I was wrong again. It seemed my role was not clearly defined and often I became confused as to just what my purpose truly was. The title certainly didn't match the day to day activities and I was getting a distinct feeling of being restricted, maybe not fully trusted to do my job. After hitting the level I have professionally and enjoying the partnerships established with wonderful people and organizations, it was foreign to feel so confined. I observed things I did not know could exist in the context of our work and ethically felt uncomfortable. It was also clear that though my intention was to do the best I could, my best was not required.  This was the wrong place for me to be and I should have trusted that little voice in my head; that feeling in the pit of my stomach and the deja vu that happened weekly.

So, why don't we trust our intuition? It obviously has been implanted in us for survival reasons. It, more often than not, is completely accurate. It doesn't require you to do anything prior, other than to have a thought or a movement that would warrant its very fervent arrival. It is a built in mechanism to aid us but still we question its validity. The only saving grace to all of this is that it never gives up trying to get our attention.

I can tell you right now, I'm apologizing to my little inner voice. I will trust it, honor it and know that it only has my best interest at heart.

HAVE YOU LEARNED TO TRUST YOUR INTUITION? (If not, I highly recommend you trust your built in, free alarm system)