The Truth...

I have a confession.  I'm not perfect.  Working long (& weird) hours & not getting enough sleep makes keeping a routine tricky.  And Fitness is hard in the first place.  There are days when you don't want to train.  There are days when it just seems easier to stay in bed.
I really struggle with my diet and my workouts.  I struggle with my moods.  Some days I get really down and as much as I know a workout will make me feel better, I can't make myself go.  Some days I crave junk food.  Some days that craving wins.  I think it is important to know that I struggle with all these issues just as much as you.  I may be a personal trainer, I may have the knowledge to answer to your questions - but that doesn't make it easy.  I totally understand how hard it is to make these changes, and I understand that some days will be better than others.
I've written before about my sugar addiction, about my daily battle to stay off it.  But I want you to know that I, and every other fitness professional I know, don't get it right 100% of the time.  We are human, we struggle just as much as you some days.  But we have the knowledge that tomorrow will be better.  That if we keep trying, and keep pushing ourselves, that it will get easier, and we will get the results we desire.
Sounds like a bit of a whingey post, but I want you guys to know that there is a positive take away here.  If we can acknowledge our barriers, if we understand what difficulties and bumps in the road are going to come up, then we CAN overcome them.
I hereby pledge to do my best to be the healthiest version of myself.  I want to inspire you to push harder & strive to do better each day.
Together we can do this.  I will keep you guys updated on my progress.  The good and the bad.  Here's to transparency and honesty, and hopefully we can all learn something along the way.
 I believe in you.
Take Action! Join me in my quest to be healthy, happy, fit and strong!  Make your pledge in the comments below.
Tomorrow I'll be posting some useful ways to bust through those difficult days.
Eli x

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