How We Got Broke

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[Editor's Note: Although I'm not a Dave Ramsey fan, I was struck by Lindsay's self-awareness of her spending/saving cycle. When I was single, I used to restrict my money like I did food back when I was anorexic ... until I couldn't stand it anymore and ended up spending more money than I would've if I'd just allowed myself small pleasures along the way. Check out what Lindsay and her husband are doing instead now. -Rita]

The Truth Is ... We're Broke

Clint and I used to be awesome with our money. We budgeted, we scrimped, and we saved. Like the teenager who can lose weight in a week simply by cutting out milkshakes, our bank account could be boosted with little sacrifice because we didn’t have many responsibilities. I remember just before we bought our current house, we had almost $10,000 in our savings.

Then, we got lazy. Worse, we added expenses and payments. And kids. Lots and lots of kids.

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