The Truth Shall Set You Free

What comes around goes around. Everything you do sends a message out into the universe. Brace yourself, this digs a little deep! Imagine your skin as an intricate puzzle with nooks and crannies a muck. Now imagine the air that surrounds you fitting very snugly with your puzzle. Now you are at the grocery store, tired from the worst day ever known to mankind. The lady in front of you is a crazy couponer, the register overloads... 20 minutes later you are still in line!!!! You, the very normally cool cat you are thinks out loud, " Are you frickin kidding me!!". That negative energy, a piece of rice when it comes to the big picture, sends out that negative energy into the next thing it touches and then what that touches and the picture? Everything we say or do directly impacts the world around us.

I was the couponer, and those words cut me like a knife. So the reserved, loving life self that I was told her to go "F" herself. She had her food stamp card in one hand, and a grocery cart full of cookies, candy, soda,..etc. There wasn't a single thing in that cart that was healthy or editable by her entourage of eleventeen kids. Who's the bitch now? Take that!! But as I watched her load her family into a 2 door civic, dad sleeping in front seat, I felt sorry for her. She was surviving the only way she knew how. I drove home feeling awful about myself. I deserved it.

I am a true believer of The Law Of Attraction. Like most things that are mysterious or unknown make anyone a skeptic. I myself was a BIG skeptic even unto myself..Gasp!! This was true until I decided during my midlife crisis as some refer to it as, which is bullshit by the way, what do I have to lose by trying this oh so powerful law of the Universe? Nothing..well maybe a little, it's hard to switch gears and attitude all at once. The practice in itself was very enlightening for me. To all skeptics and people alike, it is only natural to fear the unknown. It is this fear, keep in mind, that will hold you back from ever reaching your goals and your true hearts desire. To me it logically makes sense that if I am a whiny, complaining, poor me type of person, then that's what I would attract in my life. Vice versa applies as well. Let's think about this for a spell...hahaha get it spell..anyway.. As I was saying.. Would you honestly spend time with a self consumed, whiny, the world owes me something ahole? Unless you married this person, which is a whole new concept in itself. I prefer not to expand on poor decision making at this time. Thats something in and of itself. Sooo.....My answer simply is not so much "No", but why would I? I would however, surround myself with people like myself. People that make me laugh, cry and best of all be me. That is something to aspire to. Now on the flip side, it seems very obvious that people who are annoying as hell always surround themselves with individuals that aspire to be annoying just like them! So you see your circle of family and friends can either hinder you , or help and guide you can be quite diverse. I have found that my diversity in life is what has led me to my new life of freedom and finally being happy and loving myself.

I am my 10 year olds biggest fan! He is why I am still here and continue to do my best in life. Everyday since his birth has been a blessing in disguise. Being a single mom, going back to college for another degree and all the good and bad that came with it is where I sit today. I am on my couch, it is 6:00 am, and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Love yourself, love your children, family and friends. The result is well worth it. Have a blessed day!


The Niche Witch


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