Try This: 25 Apples You've Probably Never Heard Of... But Should Try!

25 Different Apples to Try This Fall

Really? A Red Delicious apple? Why… when there are so many more interesting... and tastier... apples out there?

Here are 25 apple varieties that you must hunt down and try this fall.

Oh, and one other thing. You’ve got to love  the names of some of these apples: Autumn Crisp, Lobo and my personal favorite: Prairie Spy! Let me know which ones you try (and like, of course!).

Autumn Crisp Apple      Autumn Crisp (formerly known as NY674) – Perfectly balanced sugar and acid with an extra crunchy texture and fantastic juiciness makes this one of the best eating apples. Perfect for: eating raw, salads, applesauce.         Blushing Golden Apple     

Blushing Golden – The crisp white flesh has an almost sweet flavor very much like a Golden Delicious Apple. It holds its texture well so store in a cool dry place for up to 3 months. Perfect for: baking, applesauce.           Cortland Apple      

Cortland – This apple is tart and crisp with pale flesh that is slow to brown. Perfect for: eating raw, baking, cooking, applesauce.           Empire Apple      

    Empire – This firm, slightly tart medium-sized apple with a crisp cream-colored flesh gradually gets sweeter and juicier as the days gets colder. Perfect for: eating raw, baking, cooking, sauce.     

Fortune Apple        Fortune - A unique spicy-flavored apple with a crisp, yellow flesh. Perfect for: eating raw, salads.      Grimes Golden Apple        Grimes Golden – This apple has a crisp, juicy flesh with an aromatic taste, which makes it a great cider apple. Perfect for: eating fresh, salads.        

Hardy Winesap Apple      

Hardy Winesap – This somewhat tart, juicy apple is very aromatic, which is why it is used to make delicious cider. Perfect for: eating fresh, cooking, cider.         Honey Crisp Apple      

    Honey Crisp – An explosively crisp, white-flesh apple with a slightly tart, honey-like sweet flavor. Can be stored Store up to 3 months. Perfect for: eating raw.       Honeygold Apple      

  Honeygold – A medium to large apple with smooth skin and yellow, crisp flesh. Perfect for: eating raw, baking, salads and sauce.       Idared Apple      

  Idared – The tart and juicy white flesh often has a pinkish tint, which adds a bit of colorful excitement when making applesauce. Excellent for storing. Perfect for: eating raw, cooking, baking, applesauce.  

    Jonagold Apple      

  Jonagold – These red-orange colored apples have a firm, crunchy sweet white flesh that is also very juicy. Stores well for up to 3 months. Perfect for: eating raw, baking, cooking, applesauce and juice.  

      Liberty Apple      

        Liberty – Fine, juicy white flesh with a nice sweet flavor. Perfect for: eating fresh, applesauce.    

    Lobo Apple    

        Lobo – Sweet and crisp, with McIntosh-apple qualities. Perfect for: eating raw, applesauce (because it breaks down easily when cooked).   Macoun Apple    

    Macoun – A great all-purpose apple that’s highly aromatic… some regard it as the “finest eating apple in the world.” The snow-white flesh is extra sweet and juicy. Stores very well. Perfect for: eating raw, salads, applesauce. Great with cheese!     McIntosh Apple      

    McIntosh – The unique, perfume-like aroma really sets this firm and juicy apple apart. A great all purpose apple. Perfect for: eating raw, cider, cooking, baking, juice.       Melrose Apple        

  Melrose – The official apple of Ohio! Large and slightly squat, this firm sweet-tart apple has a yellowish-green skin, streaked with red. Gets better if stored properly. Perfect for: baking, cooking and sauce.      

  Mutsu Apple      

    Mutsu (Crispin) – This sweet-tart apple originated in Japan. Crisp and very refreshing. Perfect for: eating raw, ciders, salads, baking, cooking, applesauce.       Northern Spy Apple        

  Northern Spy – A large and stout aromatic apple with a tangy taste. Considered the best apple for making pie. Stays crisp and juicy for long periods of time in storage. Perfect for: eating raw, baking, cooking, applesauce, with cheese.   Prairie Spy Apple          

Prairie Spy – One of the best storage apples! It has an excellent tart-sweet flavor and is very juicy. Perfect for: eating raw, cooking, applesauce.         Snapp Stayman Apple    

  Snapp Stayman – Tangy and flavorful with a hard, crisp yellow flesh. Perfect for: eating fresh (if you like tart apples) baking, sauces, cooking and ciders.             Spigold Apple  

      Spigold – Firm with a tangy, sweet flavor. Stores very well. Perfect for: cooking, baking, applesauce.    

  Sweet Sixteen Apple    

    Sweet Sixteen – Very, very sweet in flavor with aromatic, crisp flesh. Perfect for: eating fresh.      

  Swiss Gourmet Apple        

      Swiss Gourmet (Arlet Apple) – Firm, tart flesh with a very distinctive flavor. Perfect for: eating raw.  

  Twenty-Ounce Apple    

  Twenty-Ounce (aka Cayuga Red Streak) – Yes, this one really lives up to it’s name… these juicy, sweet-tart apples are HUGE. Perfect for: eating raw, salads, cooking and baking.       Zestar Apple        

Zestar (formerly known as the Minnewashta) – A crisp apple packed with sweet, tangy flavor. Perfect for: eating raw.      

So... which one will you try first?


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