The Very First Pre-Seed Baby

Pre-Seed® is giving away these awesome Pre-Seed Baby onesies! Too bad I didn’t have this for my son, who was the original FIRST Pre-Seed baby :) or as I used to call them “Seedlings.”

If you have a Pre-Seed baby, send your TTC success story to Pre-Seed and get your own onesie.

Dr E's trying to conceive success story: her son! With a Pre-Seed onesie.

Seeing these onesies made me think of my favorite Pre-Seed stories. Of course, my all time fav is right next to me in this picture. But another story that has always stood out was this one from Frank G. I hope it blesses you too!

My Favorite Trying To Conceive Success Story

Dear Pre Seed,

I have meant to write this letter for over a year now. So, here is our story…

My wife and I tried to conceive for seven (yes seven!) years and spent over $35,000.00 at a fertility clinic, with no results. A very sad and emotionally draining experience to say the least. We just accepted that we may never be able to conceive our own children so we then decided to adopt a baby girl from China. We went through all of the classes, meetings, paperwork, background checks, and paid out lots more money so we could realize our dream of being parents. We were finally given a “log in date” of December of 2006. We were originally told it should only take 12 to 14 months from that date until we get pick up our daughter in China. As of today’s date 8/18/09 we have still heard nothing from China and don’t expect to any time soon. There have been delays from China for all adoptions for some reason.

One evening almost two years ago I was watching television and a news anchor mentioned how some people were successfully conceiving using some sort of kit. I went upstairs, logged on to the Internet and began my research. I guess we just assumed that the doctors were giving all the credible methods we could use. I soon came across your wonderful product as well as the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. I immediately ordered the book and read it in three days (Yes my wife thought I was a bit nuts). I then ordered Pre Seed and we began charting. Honestly, we were happy to have found another method that was very low stress, natural, and relatively inexpensive, but I don’t think we truly believed it would work.

Well, it did work, and it worked after only three months of trying. I will NEVER forget coming home to my wife waiting at the door with a little plastic thing that said “Pregnant!” Nothing had even said this once in seven years, and there it was. She started crying and I did too. Then, because we are both over forty, we decided to not get too excited because we are very aware of the risks. We couldn’t help it though. Something actually said PREGNANT! We were overjoyed.

The delivery of our son went as close to perfectly as one could hope. It went so quickly there wasn’t enough time left to administer any pain killers for my wife! Yeah, she’s a tough cookie. Our son just turned one year old on July 28th 2009, and he is the joy of our lives. I have told so many people about what worked for us I have even prepared an email I forward all the time. I will include it here at the end of this email.

Thank you so much for your incredible product. My wife and I truly believe it was a combination of Pre Seed, The Book, and being able to relax about the attempts that worked. If you should ever want to contact me or ask any further questions, email me and I would be happy to give you my contact information.

Gratefully yours,
Frank, Jane and Frankie G

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves.

Dr. Ellington (“Dr E”) is an internationally recognized scientist in the area of sexual medicine and sperm physiology with over 75 publications. 


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