Welcome to my blog, Ive never done this before but here is a little introduction. My name is Kristie, I am 25, married and have been wanting a baby for 2 years but have only been trying almost a year. About a month ago I went to my doctor as my cycle between periods was up to 72 days. I was concerned about my fertility. A week later i went to a fertility clinic by safesaver" id="_GPLITA_0" style="text-decoration: underline;">, i was instantly diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and was informed that I was not ovulating because of this. A little bit of me was relieved that I knew why it was so hard. The most concerning part was the extent of the damage to my ovaries. My left ovary was completly covered and my right was nearly as bad. The specialist immediately informed me that I would be needing surgery to remove them as it wouldn’t be possible to become pregnant with that extent of damage. To add to this my mother went through early menopause at 37, I was told that it is likley for me to follow the same pattern.

I suppose the reason for this being such a bitter pill to swallow is that nearly all of my friends have either just had a baby or are pregnant. Not only that but my 18 year old sister accidentally fell pregnant with a 16 year old. This broke my heart because I was so ready and she wasnt.  All this happened before I got the news of PCOS.

 It seems like when I try to talk about how i feel about all of this everybody just says, don’t worry it will happen eventually, or nothing is set in stone they will fix you.  I know they are just being positive but it does make me feel like my feelings arnt warranted.  I know there are many people in my situation, Im hoping that this will assist them to realize that what they are feeling is normal and that your not alone.

My biggest fear is being told I wont be able to have a baby at all, not only will this completly destroy me but I fear it will destroy my marriage. I dont know if I could live with the thought that I am stopping the one person I love the most from having a baby of his own.  I know that this is to early to even imagine but it is a thought that goes through my mind every day.