Trying to Eliminate Bullies? Might As Well Attempt to Stop a Train with Dental Floss

I, in NO WAY, take resonsibility the girls' successes.  Most of their successes have been from having wonderful, supportive parents, keeping good company and choosing their friends wisely and their own ambition and drive to be the best young ladies they can be.  I DO feel that what we taught them, helped keep them from being distracted.  It helped keep them focused on what was important and what would quickly become yesterday's news.  Not having to worry about peer harrassment and maintaining a level of self confidence that is constantly fueled by the successes that come from not having to deal with said harrassment has made them into dynamos in their own right. 

I am honored to know them and I am personally all the better for the priviledge of watching them travel this journey we call "growing up".  It doesn't need to be littered with tear covered tissues and mental scars and low self-esteem.  These girls made the decision to not travel that path.  They are the anti-bully.


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