TTC and Marriage

Well, trying to conceive (TTC) and having a good marriage can be overwhelming. At my last procedure I got to thinking about the husbands. Many of our men are sufferring in silence moreso than us. We are the women and are expected to be emotional with friends or families that we can purge ourselves to and with. But our men are not so open nor do they have the space where they are given permission to express their feelings about TTC and what it really means for them as men. I lean on my husband alot through our process of specialist and proceudres and he is always the strong, solid and present person throughout this experience. I often try to pierce his exterior hoping he will open up more. This TTC experience feels so much like it's about me and my ability or lack thereof to get /be pregnant again - I often feel like it's all about me because I am on the phone with doctors. insurance and getting poked and prodded. I fail to see his frustration, pressure and his fears abut ourTTC experience.  In addition, to TTC we are in a marriage which is main destination of  our life's journey. Not only making sure we are both independently okay while TTC but also feeding our marriage to ensure it remains steadfast to endure the TTC lane of our journey. TTC is not only about women but we have to remember our men and our marriages especially. The same care we take for oursleves with ups and downs of TTC we have to care for them and it. Let's not forget through all the appointments, medications, waiting and procedures to care for our men they are there with us too. We both want this family so we both are on the emotional rollercoaster that TTC brings. 

Live, Laugh, Love and Learn with God


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