TTC: Metformin Update

This is the third week I will have been on Metformin. I know I'm a neurotic person when it comes to googling for answers/reviews about things I'm taking like medicines or about when I'm sick. Don't use WebMD. You will diagnose yourself with all kinds of craziness. *pinky swear*

 I hope this might help someone who is trying to conceive (TTC) and stumbles upon my blog for this very reason.

Metformin, oh how I love/hate thee! The OB warned me that some women encounter bathroom issues and nausea with this medicine. She told me week one--take one pill. If I'm fine, up it to 2 the next week, and then eventually and hopefully, 3.

Week 1---- Metformin (0)    SB (1)   no issues whatsoever

Week 2----Metformin (1)     SB (1) tie. was taking both pills at dinner. occasionally nausea but nothing  
Week 3----Metformin (1)     SB (-0) can i even put a negative? nausea all day long.

Week 3 was bearable. I don't feel like I need to rush to the bathroom or anything; I just feel queasy. I take three pills a day. One with each meal. At first, I was taking them after I ate. I have found that taking them in the middle of my meal decreases the nausea. Sometimes, I get it, but it's not as bad doing it this way. Sometimes, I don't have it at all. I do find that if I'm up moving and busy I tend to notice it less than say when I'm laying in bed watching tv.

I want a baby. If going through a few months of nausea will make this happen for us, it is totally worth it.

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