Tuesday Arvo Toasted Marshmallows

I know it isn't exactly normal to toast marshmallows on a Tuesday afternoon, and I fully accept the fact that such behaviour is one reason why I don't work in a job right now. But since I can, I am. 
We shuffled around the rooms in our house a few weeks ago, and moved our shared (me and him) home office from the smallest, pokiest room in the house into one of the big front rooms. With an open fire place. Oh yes.
So apart from being distracted by melting various forms of sugar in the fire and then consuming it, I sometimes feel that I should be writing something of immense literary importance and smoking a pipe while I'm at it. I guess there is still time for that.
We really do have an open fire in the office. It is just lovely! Our house is about 100 years old, which by Australian standards is quite old. Luckily it is in amazingly good condition. And we have four fireplaces. Rock on.
Charles found these neapolitan marshmallows, so we had to try them. They are interesting (chocolate marshmallow anyone!) and quite yummy. But I think I'm still a plain old pink and white marshmallow girl at heart. Always good to try new things though. 
So the toasted marshmallow on it's own wasn't enough. I followed that up by squishing a couple of them in between some arrowroot biscuits. Sugar sandwich! Followed shortly after by the post-sugar-high-come-down. Crash and burn. Will I never learn? I hope your Tuesday has been as tasty as mine. 


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