Tuesday Nights #FoodRevParty - The Food Revolution Gone Viral

I was introduced to the “Food Revolution” through twitter, when I saw there was a hash tag #foodrevparty. This got me very interested as I do like parties, especially ones involving food. It turned out that the twitter-based #foodrevparty was comprised of almost entirely women who have the same goal in mind: to go back to healthy eating and carry it forward to our children. This apparently came about by Jamie Oliver, famous chef from the UK, who went about trying to teach regular folk how to eat healthy simply by shopping wisely and using what they had on hand to cook amazingly healthy dishes. The women I’ve met through Twitter’s #foodrevparty have given me fabulous ideas for kid’s lunches, shopping and growing organically, reading labels carefully and basically just being more aware of how and what I cook. I am now even more conscious than before of what is going into my family’s body by way of the food I prepare for them and what I purchase from the grocery during the week. The twitter party gives me something to look forward to in that I know I am accountable for what I have prepared and eaten all week. Instead of ordering pizza, I make omlettes with sauteed veggies. Instead of chips, I chop up colorful veggies and fruits and serve with light dips. The list of ideas goes on and on. So, if you have an hour on Tuesday nights, come join us on twitter through hash tag foodrevparty at 7:00pm PT. You’ll have fun and meet like-minded individuals all with the same goal: to revolutionize what we are putting into our family’s bodies and our own. It will change how you shop, cook, and maybe evn grow your own food – forever!


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