Tuesday: Space Issues and Selling Hollywood

First, I want to express thanks that everyone I know in the Northeast is safe. They didn't all get through without some sort of impact (garages, hot tubs, power and some flooding). But everyone (so far) is ok.

I was up on time Tues morning! A small but important victory. Since Tues was a non-running day, I could enjoy my coffee before heading on my bike. Once the sun was up, I suited up and headed out.

Bike: 10 miles / 50:30

Eating on Tues was much improved. I had coffee and part of a Costco muffin for breakfast. Spaghetti O's (with meatballs) and veggie sticks for lunch. THE lunch of champions. Carrots and a peach in the afternoon. Dinner was Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice. Much, much improved.

I was somehow inspired to do some straightening up in the afternoon. Our closet has a chest of drawers in it. And I don't want to get too used to having that extra space since we are just renting right now. So I rearranged some of my dresser to make better use of space. It won't stay this neat for long, but it looks nice now. I tackled 6 of 9 dresser drawers. The rest are coming. And I do have MUCH more space than when it was a big mess.

Did anyone else see the big entertainment news from Tues? Disney buys LucasFilms for $4 BILLION. Because Lucas didn't have enough money before this.


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