Tuesday Treats... Butterfly Cupcakes...'cause I am longing for Spring, that's why!

Butterfly cupcakes

It’s Tuesday…Tuesday’s Treats is my chance to post a picture of something I’ve done in the world of cakes.  As soon as I found the cupcake folder with the butterflies I made with Alyson last year…I knew that was the theme for this week!  I’m sitting here in the house, whipping runny noses all week, the yard is too muddy to play in, and I’m ready for Spring!  I want to get dirty in my garden, take Alyson to the playground, and feel the sun on my skin again.  I am ready…yes…bring on the Spring! Please!

The Butterfly Cupcakes pictured below were a fun, and easy, project I shared with my little Alyson last year.  She really got excited about this one.  She is, after all, obsessed with butterflies…and anything else that has wings!  I cut the fondant butterflies and let them dry the night before…then gave her a paint brush and some luster dust, a little food coloring, and sugar glitter….good times indeed!  Good times!




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