Tuesday's Treats....Tur-cake...gobble gobble

My beloved hillbillies, aka my family, always love to get together during holidays for feasting, blue grass music, and just about anything they consider fun!  This past Thanksgiving was marked with the passing of my very vibrant and colorful cousin.  But we did what we always do, we gathered together and celebrated the things we could!  There was a baby on the way, my daughter's birthday, and the beauty of all these amazing people gathered in the church basement to share great food and just continue the traditions my grandparents started so many, many years ago.


I made 3 cakes for the family dinner this year.  Cake 1: you've seen already...a yellow cake with Calla Lillies and a fondant baby...Cake 2: my daughter wanted a butterfly, so I kept the left over buttercream icing from other cakes that week and decorated a butterfly shaped cake for her...Cake 3....this is the one that was worth the many...many hours it took to create.  To see the reactions...to see it carried by one person from the dessert table over the meat table...and see another one take it back and explain it was a cake was, well, the greatest compliment ever!  This happened several times, and the shock when each person realized it was a cake just made my day!  My Turkey Cake..aka the Tur-cake...

photo by S. Whittaker



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