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Well obviously my little furry child, Maggie is so spoiled I decided to dedicate my next craft to her. And since she loves her little toy box full of toys, I figured she probably didn't t think she quite had enough... which is so not the case, she has an entire basket full of toys; and lots of noisy toys!! And mama gets very annoyed with the squeaking all the time, so I decided she needs a new QUIET toy to play with :p
Which by the way, has nothing to do with my daughters batteries always coming up missing from her noisy musical toys.... GUILTY! I'm horrible :x
& I apologize for the horrible pictures, my camera is M.I.A, so I used my iPhone, and it was kinda gloomy out, and so we get these not so appealing pictures, but it does the job..
I bet you have a couple, maybe even a few of shirts with a stain or two on them or even some with holes. Go green, and reuse them for a little tug-of-war or good ol' fetch with your dog!! It's so much better then throwing out you old ratty t-shirts, unless of course you're giving them to good will, or handing them down, but when they are all stained up, and have holes its just better to recycle them bad boys!! And if you don't have a dog, make some and donate them to your local animal shelter, I'm sure all the furry little friends in there would very much appreciate it!!! And the even better part is NO gluing No sewing, just your hands, some scissors ...oh and some braiding skills ;)
                                                             Gather up a few old t-shirts
Cut the bottom seam off, then cut 3 or more, depending on how thick you want the toy; 
although it is kind of tough to knot the thicker it is. After cutting your strands, stretch the fabric out to make the stands longer.


Braid 3 pieces together. Then combine all braided pieces together and tie in a knot at one end. Then braid, the braided pieces together, ehh confused?? Hopefully not. I got a little too braid happy and forgot to take pictures as I went.


Tie off the other end and viola, A dog chew toy recycled from old t-shirts. 


And here she is, not even in her toy box for 30 seconds and she went over like 
"hey!! whats that you just put in my basket?!" lol 


She was having a blast with that thing.. can you tell?! :) Silly girl.


Such a happy girl. I'm planning on trying out some new dog treat recipes soon, so you dog lovers make sure you come back ;)
Thanks for reading,


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