The Tulips / 3 Simple Steps to Survive a Break-Up

Last Spring, I bought a pot of tulips for this small courtyard at my house. They were picture perfect and I thought they'd add color and life to the area. Well.. if you know me , you'll know that I eventually... killed them. Yes. Dead. Done. There, I said it! So I relegated the pot to the side of the house and it's been sitting there - pot and all - since last year.

The other day, I was putting away stuff on the side when I noticed the pot again - it had EIGHT tufts of green somethings poking out from the soil! I was stunned. How did this happen? I stopped everything and just kneeled down, stared at it, and marveled. How did this plant spring back when it was clearly half past dead?

Then it hit me. I had the same story.

As some of you may already know, I'm flying it solo again. It did not work out with Mr. Partner Person Dude #2. (I cringe at typing this.) However, I'm coming to terms with things. I'm finding beauty where once there was none.

As careful creatures, women tend to exhaust every option and almost decide against the option of splitting with their partner, especially if there are children from the relationship. There's a stigmatism involved whether or not society wants to admit it. The hush that falls over a table as a woman answers the whereabouts of her husband is often dreaded. "Oh.. we split up." Awk-ward.

To come to this decision, I truly took a leap of faith. I did a running dive off the ledge and said to myself, "I'll land fine. I know it." Falling isn't the hard part though, mon cherie. It's getting yourself to jump in the first place that's tough. Be that as it may, here I am: a survivor.

Just like the tulips have to fight to still bloom, so will I. I'm okay with things now. I have faith. I know in my bones my future holds something bright for my children and me. There's hard work ahead yes, but I'm ready. I'm here.

3 Simple Steps to Survive a Break-Up

Step 1 - Get up. Enough said.

Step 2 - Get centered. The relationship went kaput among other things so now it's time to work on YOU. Whether it's from inside out or outside in, get yourself back. Women are born strong. It's our legacy. Tap into that strength and become what you're meant to be.

Step 3 - Laugh. Laugh your ass off. Laugh at the guy sitting across the way slurping soup. Laugh while your mother rants and raves. Laugh at anything as long as you laugh. So much has happened that it's very easy to lose our humor and start failing to see magic in the world. Laughing helps us confirm life. It's the caffeine to our emotions.

While I'm sure this can be interpreted as a "light" way to approach things, it could actually be a very real way. Sometimes there's too much to be said about something, when it's all just so very simple: Bloom.


The Actual Tulips


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