Tummy Time

With a newborn in the house, I am now having to think back to all the important developmental milestones. One of the earliest ones is tummy time.

Why is it important?

The recommended sleep position for babies is on the back. This is relatively new i.e. since the mid-90’s . With this new position there has been a marked reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is the good news. There has also been a notable increase in cranial asymmetry or “flat head” because babies are spending so much time on their back and their skulls are soft.

Tummy time gets babies off their backs and helps strengthen neck muscles, which is important for crawling, rolling, sitting, and eventually standing.

Advantages of Tummy Time

- Helps gross motor skill development: once on their tummies babies will flail and kick, exercising large motor muscles

- Helps fine motor skill development: by reaching out and grabbing a nearby toy or something of interest


-  Some experts recommend thirty minutes a day. If baby is not happy during tummy time, this can be broken up into shorter segments throughout the day

- Tummy time should be done when the baby is content i.e. clean diaper, alert, not hungry.

- Build up slowly. The first session will be shorter, but eventually you can reach the 30 minutes.=

Some Tips

- Make it Fun. Babies often get frustrated or bored. Put a toy within reach. Get down with baby and sing songs or make faces, and engage with baby. You can even put baby on your tummy.

- Pamper Baby. If you have hardwood floors, use a mat with extra padding for those tender knees and hands.

- Create a Natural Environment. Concerns about off-gassing and exposure to chemicals can be addressed with organic fabrics and products.

- Keep it Safe. Make sure pets and young children cannot access baby. If baby falls asleep, make sure to turn her over to the recommended back position

Check out Go-La Rolla’s portable play mat, designed specifically with baby’s development in mind with organic eco-chic fabrics, tummy time ruffle and toy loops to attach favourite toys.

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