Turkey Day Came and Went (and we still have pie)

Phew. *wipes forehead.

It came and went. These last 7 days including turkey day aka Thanksgiving have felt like a marathon- and I didn't stop running until today.  I went back to work and have some kid-procured sniffles (despite washing my hands 30+ times a day!) to boot.  Turkey day aka Thanksgiving breezed by, and included our two hour jaunt to see family and eat.  And eat. Then eat some more.  In fact, we may or may not still be eating leftovers from last Thursday- namely, pumpkin pie. Punk'n pie.  Still.

I was going to psyche myself out so I could try some turkey this year- in my feeble attempt to be like my kids.  By eating turkey- since I was all vegetarian and my husband is nowhere or has never been near vegetarianism- we went halfsies on the kids.  I am an ovo-pescatarian i.e. I eat fish and eggs (yes, I know it's still meat).  So the kiddos are the same plus they eat poultry= halfsies.  But I've been on a bit of a paleo-educating myself kick.  I don't know.  I'm still on the fence.  My Hispanic in-laws traditionally have a turkey (smoked this year) and all the trimmings plus a few extras like this:

A huge pork roast.  I was happy Sillyboy wasn't interested in it at all.  He wasn't interested in the smoked turkey either, but I don't want to worry about that.  Bambina enjoyed her first Thanksgiving (sans turkey, herself) and now has a huge affinity for blueberries. #nom

Maybe instead of cereal o's, I'll start traveling with blueberries in my bag!  But every time I say the word blueberries outloud, Jay likes to repeat "blueberries, blueberries!" because of this viral youtube vid:


Soooo funny- and gets funnier the more you watch it.  I don't get it, but I laugh. :) (ah, ah the joys of viral videos).

Then I was a bridesmaid in a gorgeous wedding, had my first party bus experience (how do people not get carsick on those?), and drove back and forth and back and forth again from my hometown.  Even passing a gas station sign in Crocker, Mo. that read "Happy Fall Ya'll."

Then I had to complete some intense grocery shopping- because if it weren't for the leftovers we were sent home with, there wouldn't be anything to eat except some frozen veggies and mushy avocados.  I ran out of room in our little fridge.  So, I did some ghetto-cheating and took some items out of boxes, cut out the cooking directions, taped it on the food wrapping, and threw it back in the fridge.

Because that's how we roll ya'll.  And my freezer is really tiny.  We have the basic-basic-est of fridges but it does the job.  The lovely part is that I don't have to get groceries for two whole weeks! Well, except the few items I forgot in the first place.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you whipping out the Christmas crafts already?  I'm not exactly there yet.


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