Turkey's Do Fly!

Turkey's Do Fly!

Coexistence...what the farmer does with the turkey - until Thanksgiving.  ~Mike Connolly

Me & Holsters ready to run the Turkey Trot in Latrobe 11/22/12

Today, we participated in our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Mom made the feast, assisted by me and Kyle.  This year, Kyle wanted to make homemade pies, including the crust.  His comment was, "Aunt Heather it will be better making them ourselves so they're fresh and it's healthier 'cause we won't have preservatives in our pies."  Now how can I argue with that?  He was right!  Not to mention we both enjoy cooking together.  Last night we went to work on the desserts, making a pumpkin (mom's favorite) and an apple crumb (Kyle's favorite), plus a coconut mouse brownie dessert, courtesy of Pinterest.  A little nontraditional but a nice change.

Kyle helped my mom with the stuffing by ripping up the bread.  Actually, let me clarify, he had to cut the bread into perfect cubes.  Ripping the bread haphazardly like mom is not in his nature.  He was also in charge of making the punch and setting the table.  My goodness he is getting big!  Even Nicole made a comment about Kyle's first experience at Thanksgiving, just like it was yesterday.  (sigh)

Kyle was rolling the dough... the pie dough 11/21/12

I stepped out for about an hour to run in the Turkey Trot.  Kyle was relieved when I didn't make him join me, but I think next year things are going to be different.

Instead of fighting the holiday traffic, the plan was for Nicole to wake up early today and drive in.  Except, Nicole slept in and got a late start.  I really thought she was going to miss Thanksgiving dinner, but alas by the grace of God she made it just before we were ready to sit down and pig out.  Our standard crew gathered together, mom and dad, Nicole, Kyle and Uncle Denny (mom's brother).  Plus let's not forget the rest of our family, Scooby, Seven and Storm, her first Thanksgiving.

Anyway, like most families there are popular topics of conversation that fly around the table.  On a side note dad commented, "Gigi makes the best turkey and stuffing around."  Followed by Kyle confirming this statement and adding, "Pappy, Gigi makes the best in the world!"  Too cute!   Well as the conversations continued, this year included our trip to Forks and the time Nicole went turkey hunting with dad.  This story is so appropriate for the national holiday, I have to share.

It was Kyle's idea to make the pies, including the pie dough 11/21/12

One year, when Nicole was in her early teens, dad took her turkey hunting.  Please keep in mind I wasn't there so my information was heard from the those that were present, Nicole and dad.  Both versions are similar and yet slightly different.  Basically, the story goes like this.  A turkey flew past dad and Nicole while they were hunting and landed in a nearby tree.  Letting Nicole have the honor, dad told her to shoot the turkey.  Nicole's reply was,...

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