Turn back time, Momma

 This is a letter I wrote to myself for my friend Jamie at Chosen Chaos. Do you have any words of wisdom for your 18 year old self? If so, please stop by and let Jamie now, she would love to have you share with us.

Dear Theresa,

 -Your hair is awful. Please stop getting perms and dyeing your hair. Please.



- Wear. Your. Retainer.

- Don't ever dance on a table. Ever. Please.

- Only eat 1 cheeseburger a month. Max.

I would like to tell you many other things to do, avoid, and remember.

But, to be honest, I like who I am now.

If I tell you to avoid all the heartbreak, trauma, tragedy, shitty jobs, and all the other horrible mistakes and incidents, then I wouldn't be who I am now.

So, this letter is to tell you to be strong and endure. All the shitty things to come are taking you somewhere.

Somewhere amazing.

A place where you are a good person. Where you have traveled to foreign lands and had many exciting adventures. Where you have amazing friends, wonderful children, a loving husband and family, and a promising future.

This letter is also to say "I'm sorry."

I am sorry that I made some terrible and ill-informed choices. I am sorry for all the tears you will cry, pain you will feel, and darkness that will fill your life for a short time. I am sorry that I didn't take better care of you and I didn't realize how much you are worth.

From this adversity will rise a strong and confident woman.

A good mother and wife, a wonderful friend, a devoted sister and loving daughter. People will love you for who you are, not who you think you should be. One day you will be yourself and people will love it because you are fabulous.

You just don't know it yet.

Oh, I will tell you one thing. When a boy asks you to move to another country to marry him. Please buy a return ticket, just in case.