Turn That Frown Upside Down

Okay I'm talking to myself here. I try to be positive but I woke up in shock that the weekend was already over! I'm trying to shake of the Monday blues.
Yesterday was super hot in Boston but a perfect pool day! I went into a fish pose wanting to just stretch out on the side of the pool when my boyfriend reminded me how it looks in a bathing suit. I've talked about sneaky yoga and not caring about coming into a pose before but now I'm totally numb to it. Coming into a yoga pose is so natural.

My cupping bruises have started to fade but looked SO attractive at the pool yesterday. I kid. I was freaky fish pose, crop circle- alien bruise Kendall. But hey I had fun. My Chi better be moving!

Tonight I have yoga then I am going on a secret adventure with my friend for my Yoga Teacher Graduation Brunch on Sunday! It's borderline geeky but I think it will be really fun! Let's just say it is an activity. I would have been such a great sorority girl!

Anyone else having post weekend blues?
Any other spontaneous yogis out there?






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