Turn An Obstacles Into A Triumph


We are constantly told to make lemonade out of lemons and to look on the bright side of life. Well, sometimes the glass is just half empty and the lemons are only giving you seeds.  In order to come around and see life in a positive light again you may need to walk thru the darkness first.

You need to give yourself time to feel let down, heartbroken, unappreciated, etc. in order to gain insight and strength so you can learn and grow from such experiences.  If you do not allow yourself time to mourn and just expect that you are going to pick your chin up and “be” happy the long term effects could be damaging and may show up later to bite you in the proverbial ass.  Please know we are not saying it is OK to wallow in depression or stay too long in a poor me mentality as doing this is not healthy at all.  We are recommending the following to do list when a situation comes up in your life that has a negative effect on your overall well being. 

Guy hands to head - hardship

Following these suggestions may help you live a balanced and overall happier life.

  1.  Allow the situation to resonate within you.  Feel the sorrow, anger, confusion or whatever the uncomfortable emotion is.  Get present to it and know that it is real for you.
  2. Girl with a journal
  3. Talk yourself thru the situation even if it means you are fueling the fire.  It is OK to be emotional for a little while after something traumatic happens to you or a loved one. 
  4. Call a friend and vent.  Tell them you don’t want help at this time you just need to speak what happened so you can get out all of the emotions you are keeping bottled up.  You may go thru anger, rage, and sadness and then hopefully find the middle ground.
  5. Once you have allowed yourself time with these emotions this is when you need to grab the bull by the horns and figure a way off of your emotional ride.
  6. Call upon your trusted family or friends for perspective and support.  Only call people whose opinions you greatly value.  This  conversation is where you are asking for their Girl laughing on phoneopinion/advice and that you are looking for another perspective to the situation.
  7.  Mull your new perspective over and let it marinade for a while
  8. Finally, it’s time to make lemonade and fill that glass back up.  Find some peace and see how this experience can better your life moving forward.
  9. Gain energy with this new found state of mind and be productive in your life because of it.
  10. Make amends or chose to move forward without the negative person or situation.  Not out of anger but for the betterment of your future.
  11. Love yourself, be happy and proud that you allowed yourself to fully experience the situation and were able to come out on the other side.

Here’s to living a purposeful life.

~ T2B


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