Turning 56-Wow! Really?


Hello All

This is my first blog, which you will probably "get".  So Turning 56 has to do with all the "special" things I am finding out about beind 56 years old.  One: this is the oldest I've ever been.  Two: one's body DOES change in their 50's.  Three: It's a great time in life.

One of the first "signs" I noticed was that my earlobes have got a crease in them!  How and when did that happen???  I saw an old women years ago with creases in her earlobes and I thought "wow, that's ugly and she must have worn really heavy earrings all her life".  Well apparently NOT.  But seeing my earlobes with these creases Ugh!!!!





I hope you all are healthy, wealthy and wise.

Being 56


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