Turning a Patio Table in to Garden Space


Repurposed Patio Table

I was desperate for some additional gardening space. Growing spinach and lettuce directly in a bag of soil last spring proved very successful. So expanding on this idea, our seldom used deck was converted into more garden space.

This patio table became a part of that project and was begging to be used again.

table 1

The ceramic tiles were removed and a frame was built out of 1 X 6 lumber.


The bottom would need much more support. The slats from a couple of old twin beds worked perfectly. About an inch was cut off of each and placed inside the frame. The slats then rested on the top of the table.


Heavy duty trash bags were used along the bottom and stapled part way up the sides.


For more support against the bags tearing, a layer of plastic garden fencing was placed over the plastic and stapled to the sides as well. Other items such as chicken wire or other fencing could be used just as well.


Three bags of garden soil were laid inside the frame. The top of the bags were removed, but the heavy plastic was used as additional support for the bottom. This plastic was stapled to the insides of the frame.


Some sand and compost was added for drainage and health.


Everything was mixed well, holes were punched through the plastic to allow excess water to escape, and the top was smoothed out. Now it is ready to be planted.


Once the weather, here in the gulf coast tropics, cools down this space will be used for shallow root vegetables, such as spinach,
lettuce, and green onions.

This would be a great project to build for an aging person who still likes to garden, but has a hard time working on the ground.


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