Turning Point Towards Authenticity

What’s it gonna take for you? I have seen so many women (mostly because I only really work with women but I am sure failed behavior change plagues men too) spend their time spinning their wheels, round and round, up and down the same mountain never to explore new heights of personal success.
What is real change going to take for YOU? Or do you prefer to continue fighting the same battles over and over again for your entire lifetime until age or ability robs you of the opportunity to live your true desires?
For me, the change was gradual—mostly.
Believe it or not, I have not ALWAYS practiced exactly what I preached. I always GOT IT. I knew all about the ‘stages of change’, exercise physiology, nutrition, how to motivate….. I knew and was very successful at guiding my clients to their goals. And since I was not totally overweight, no one knew the difference.
I appeared authentic. See--this was me before I started my own company and was coaching women full time: 
Sure, you can ‘poo poo’ all of what I say simply because I didn’t struggle with 30 pounds to lose, I adhered to an exercise program for the most part and I had a generally healthy eating style. But, NONE of it was authentic. There was an internal battle going on between my beliefs and my behaviors.
Then, something starting clicking. I wanted more than the understanding, knowledge and ability to perform.
I wanted to FEEL my desires align with what I knew to be the lifestyle I had potential to live. I wanted to feel a deeper sense of self awareness, a kinder self-projection of who I am and a more peaceful approach to truly living well.
So, I surrendered. DONE. Not fighting the battle anymore. I slowly and gradually made the changes INSIDE that needed to occur in order to stop that internal battle between intentions and behaviors. I let go of my preconceived notions and my self-consciousness about what the real problem was. I started living well more authentically.
How, I faced underlying issues with self- concept and self-doubt and the fact that I used food to cope with feelings and then used exercise to cope with too much consumption. Yep, I was that lady spinning my wheels.
I explored who I really wanted to be in my adult life and finally grew up enough to not care what anyone else thought about the steps I had to take to get there. I started making choices to align my truest interests with my behaviors.
Here I am about half way there at the birth of my second child. And there are all the people who still inspire me everyday!
But, what did it take? What was that turning point for me? Why did I finally surrender?
I started turning the corner when I had children. I knew that I wanted them to have a mommy who lived her intentions authentically. But, then, I truly reached deeper at the death of my husband. He being sick with cancer wasn’t even enough—I was running on fumes then without any gumption to even consider my own issues! And not to bring it back to my widowhood again, but it truly has been the THING, the turning point for me more honestly trying to achieve authenticity in my personal wellness. I also finally reached for my FAITH as the cornerstone of my wellness reaching.
You might think I was forced into it for sanities sake. I say, though, that I had the choice of taking two roads when I suddenly became a single mom and widow; when I was devastated at the ripe old age of 33. I chose to look inwards and upwards rather than outside of myself.
Here I am today in just a random picture after a yoga class...closer...
What is it going to take for YOU? It truly is my hope that it takes just a CHOICE—perhaps it helps hearing from me how much better I feel when my values are aligned in my life. Perhaps knowing that it is WORTH the effort to expect more, to dig deep as you peacefully approach your potential. I don’t know where you are in your personal wellness path, but I urge you to create your own turning point and NOT TO WAIT for a circumstance to make it for you. You are worth it!
Still Striving,


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