I'm passionate about travel - trips big and small, exotic and close to home. The common thread among these diverse experiences is value. I go beyond frugality to focus on getting the most for your time and money.

I call my approach "coffeecan finances", in honor of every woman who has to save for a trip one coin and bill at a time, dropping them into a bank account, a piggy bank, even a coffeecan. You worked really, really hard to save up for a trip - I want my experiences help you have the greatest possible experiences your precious dollars can buy.

Maybe I'll show you how to skimp on accomodations to save money for gourmet meals that are worth every penny. I might suggest ways to avoid crowds and chaos at popular destinations so you have maximum possible value for your admission fees. My next adventure: travelling around the world. I learned how to turn my frequent flyer points into a round-the-world trip, getting 9 flights for a grand total of $350.