Turns out--she gets car sick

Confirmed months ago, the big weekend finally arrived - just me and the little chicken all weekend.  Mol and Chris went to Winstock to enjoy a couple nights of freedom and Jeremy was in Canada for a hockey clinic.  
Just me and peanut for 48 straight hours so I made some plans - great plans -- plans that would fill an entire weekend: MTT, Walgreens, Cub, Kohls, Sams, Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater, Eden Prairie to meet friends -- all of these things we were going to do.  
But, as it turns out, she gets car sick. Here's how we found out:  we made it to MTT and headed towards Walgreens, all in all about 7 miles....and I look back and she's full on vomiting (4-5 heave fulls) all over herself, Minnie, car seat and music boxy thing. OH the poor thing! I was in traffic and all I could do is look back at her and tell her how much I loved her and that she was "such a good girl." She has never throw up before so she had no idea what was happening -- no crying, just watery eyes and a look of cluelessness.  And completely covered in a purpley berry yogurt goo. 
Straight home we (obviously) went and I wrapped her in a towel, stripped her down and went to work on scrubbing the car, car seat, seat belts, and Minnie.  gross is not the word.  But, then she was totally fine - happy, playful, energetic.  So we cleaned up, figured the squirt-in-your-mouth yogurt just didn't sit well and off we went again to Walgreens and then headed towards Cub (about 4 miles total) and AGAIN she threw up!  WOW, fun!  
Home we went and I super sleuthed my way to the realization that a front facing car seat was the problem - Little Bug has never ever ridden front facing before. And never ever will again - not on my watch anyway.  yeesh.  
We were in for a long weekend at home, especially with the rain, but we managed.  We're getting really good at killing a whole bunch of hours sitting in my living room.  We made a hilarious time out of throwing (clean) diapers all over the place and she showed me how she likes to shoot peas out of her mouth during dinner.  She was cuddlier than she's ever been, wanting to sit in my lap for minutes on end and she is a master mimicker, so that was fun. And btw, she's so dang cute that your heart nearly explodes when she giggles and the purply gooey vomit was all but forgotten within a relatively short time.   
We only had one more tragedy that is worthy of sharing.  Upon waking at 5:23am on Saturday morning, all warm and soft and cuddling me tightly, I had to set her down for a moment while I fed the dogs.  Her legs aren't so steady at 5:23am and she teeter-toppled diaper first into the freshly full dog's water dish.  I carried her wailing (I mean it) and wet to warmer dryer clothes and she recovered after about 20 minutes.  
Big thanks to Gma Kathy for watching her for 2 hours while I worked Saturday morning, to Ashley for coming with us on a super long walk to some garage sales, to Mol and Chris for not being late (even showing up 30 minutes early!) to pick her up, and to Jeremy for flying home early and for saying to me on Sunday, "so it seems you've had a bit of a tough weekend, what do you think about doing anything or going anywhere you want to all day today?" 
Love you Betty Poop, here's to our first successful weekend together!  


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