Turt and Mama conquer the world

Feel free to follow us on our journey as I try to juggle motherhood and a 'social life'. Follow us as I guide Turt through childhood, as she blossoms into her own individual.
I am a positive discipline advocate, I breast feed, We practice a mixture of Montessori and Reggio theories. I will post activities that I do with Turt here. 
I am some what of a fashionista, I am obsessed with fashion and I like to reflect that through the way Turt and I dress. 
I enjoy crafting and thrifting a lot! I go thrifting at least once or twice a week. I will be making a weekly thrift finds post.
Turt is homeschooled and unschooled, I let her hold the reigns of her knowledge and learning, I only guide her. 

''You should not lead the child down these corridors, but rather follow closely behind the child, so that whichever direction the child turns, you can reach out and open a door''

I approach parenting the child led learning way. Turt and I have the strongest closest bond and my life is happily centered around her and her needs. 
Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I have learnt so much on this journey life has taken me on, I have taught Turt things as she has taught me. Becoming a mother has opened up sides of me I didn't even know existed. Turt is my life. 
We are happy to share it with you.

''Feed the soil, not the plant''