Tutorial: How to Move Instagram Photos Within Facebook Albums Using IFTTT

Tutorial: How to Move Instagram Photos Within Facebook Albums Using IFTTT
I'm a control freak. At least when it comes to my photos. I hate having no control over my Instagram photos that I post to Facebook! They are my photos, after all.

When I share an Instagram photo to Facebook, it is anchored into one designated photo album and that's where it stays. Forever. You can't move it into another album! What if I don't want all of my Instagram photos to post into one measly album? What if I want to organize my photos into albums by month, or occasion, or milestone? Come on.

I did a little research and discovered IFTTT. It's a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. In other words, you can do cool stuff by creating recipes. I created a recipe that will automatically post my Instagram photos into a Facebook album that's malleable. I can then go in to that album and move the Instagram photos into my other Facebook albums.

You can too! Simply set up an account here and then follow my recipe.

The recipe will look like this:

Move Instagram Photos Within Facebook Albums with IFITTOnce you've created your recipe, do a quick test by uploading a photo to Instagram. Don't use the "share" option which would have Instagram post the photo to Facebook because it is going to post automatically now. Login to your Facebook account and click to edit the album. You will notice that you can move the photo into another album. Finally!

You will really enjoy browsing the other recipes that can be created with IFTTT. For instance, I hate how twitter no longer displays Instagram photos. Only the links to Instagram photos are displayed these days. There's a recipe to fix that.

Take the control back and put the internet to work for you.



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