TUTORIAL: Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone

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Image: Tamara Bowman

Smartphone cameras can be very frustrating if you're used to a "real" camera, or even if you aren't used to any cameras at all! The small sensors in an iPhone's camera cannot run at high ISO speeds the way a camera's sensor can without introducing a very large amount of noise, otherwise known as grain. You will certainly have clearer photos if you take them outside or in very well lit places. Avoid subjects in low light for photos on your blog. With the smartphone camera, you also want to avoid bright reflections, as they will force the camera to under-expose the entire shot or they will cause blown out highlights on the brightest parts of the frame. And it is nearly impossible to recover blown highlights in post-processing. You should also avoid taking photos that require tight focusing. Camera phones have very short focal lengths and are best for photos in which all of the scene is in focus.


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