Tutorial: Whimsical Snowmen Blockheads

By Misty Van Staaveren

I love creating whimsical little characters I call Blockheads.  Here are some wintry snowman blockheads with an easy tutorial so you can create these silly little guys by yourself or with your kids.  They are great for mantles, table centerpieces, or even the front porch.  I like to group mine together in threes.

Finished Snowman












2X4 pieces of wood.  I usually cut mine around 6 inches, but you can go as tall as you like.  Any shorter makes it a bit difficult to decorate.

White paint

Black paint

Fabric scraps

Hot glue gun


Embellishments such as buttons (optional)

Black sharpie

1.  Paint the 2X4s white.  I used some leftover interior wall paint first as a base, then covered them with craft paint.  I only did this because I was short on craft paint and the base would help it cover less.  I didn't worry about painting on the ends.












2.  Once the white paint is completely dry, paint the snowman face.  I simply painted black dots for eyes and the mouth, and an orange carrot nose.  Use your creativity and give your snowmen some personality.











3.  Next, I cut the fabric for the hat.  To measure, I just held on end on the back of the blockhead and wrapped it around the base until the ends met.  That is where I cut.  I also determined how tall I wanted the hat, and cut the fabric into rectangle pieces.




























4.  Using the hot glue gun, glue down the ends of the fabric.  














5.  Use ribbon, string, raffia, or jute yarn to tie the top of your hat.  Gather the fabric at the top and tie the ribbon about mid way down.  















6.  Embellish your snowman.  I used buttons on one, I cut strips of matching fabric for a scarf for another, and I lettered some phrases on other.  Use your imagination and again, show some personality in your snowman.









































You're all done!  Now you have an adorable blockhead this holiday season!  For this, and more craft tutorials, you can visit my blog at www.throughthedutchdoor.com.  Thank you for reading!



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